What We Do

Health Educators promote safety, raise awareness and prevent environmental hazards through educational outreach by participating in community efforts.


Are you interested in learning more about the services and information Environmental Health Services (EHS) provides? We offer presentations and tabling events for the following:

  • Colleges
  • Schools K-12
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Community events
  • Fairs (health, resource & career)

Educational Videos

We welcome you to learn more about the services we offer by viewing our educational videos. These videos are created to keep you updated on what’s new and provide you with necessary knowledge on environmental health concerns. Please check back periodically to see the most recently added videos as we’re excited to share new upcoming videos with you!

Protecting Public Health One Minute at a Time

It is important for food service workers to understand how their behavior and actions contribute to food safety, and how they can decrease the risk of foodborne illness. These one-minute videos demonstrate safe food handling methods to aid in the prevention of foodborne illness.

Other Educational Videos

Using a Sanitizing Bucket
Sanitizing Spray
Warewashing Using a Machine with Chemical Sanitizer
Warewashing Using a Three-Compartment Sink
Using a Thermometer
Proper Thawing Methods
Food Storage
Cooling Hot Food Safely
How to Avoid Cross-Contamination
Cooking Temperatures
Pest Prevention
Reheating for Hot Holding
Mosquito and Vector Control Program: How to Submit a Service Request
Control de Zancudos y Vectores: Cómo enviar una solicitud de servicio
Mosquito & Vector Control Program
West Nile Virus
Preliminary Education Presentation (P.E.P. Talk)
Presentación Educacional Preliminar (P.E.P.)
Breaking it Down: Soft Serve Machines
Text EHS