Backflow Prevention

The County of San Bernardino requires that domestic water systems within this jurisdiction are protected against contamination or pollution as a result of inadequate protection due to the lack of or malfunctioning of backflow prevention assemblies. In addition, State regulated water purveyors are also required to monitor backflow prevention devices to meet the California Code of Regulations, Title 17 requirements. A Certificate of Competence issued by EHS is required to inspect, maintain, or test water backflow prevention assemblies.

Backflow Certification

The Backflow Certification test consists of an online written examination and a hands-on practical examination. The online written exam is offered free of charge, available throughout the year and can be accessed from any computer or mobile devices with internet access.

The online examination covers DC (Double Check), PVB (Pressure Vacuum Breaker), SVB (Spill-Resistance Pressure Vacuum Breaker) and RP (Reduce Pressure Principal) devices based on the University of Southern California Manual of Cross Connection and Control Methods 10th or most recent Edition.

Once an applicant successfully passes the online examination, the applicant must contact the EHS Backflow section at 1-800-442-2283 to be placed on the eligibility list for the hands-on practical examination. The hands-on practical examination is administered 3 times per year. Those on the eligibility list will be notified of upcoming examinations via email or phone. Applicants who have already completed a 40 hour backflow training program at an accredited institute, i.e., Community Colleges or AWWA, may request EHS to waive written examination requirements.

Fire Backflow